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About Fame & Credit

Fame and credit are special statistics that allow you to purchase various items, services, or alterations for your character even further than money or experience will allow. This reward system does not replace the staff-driven merchants that are already in the game; instead, it is in place to help give props, experience, and character customization to those who wish to utilize it. When you redeem fame or credit for a reward, your current total is decremented. Your current fame and lifetime fame are tracked separately, while only your current credit is tracked.

Both statistics are account-based, meaning all characters on the same account share total fame and credit points.


The fame system exists to support Unwritten Legends' primary goal of being a roleplay game. You accumulate 50 fame by logging in every day, and you also earn fame by receiving a Roleplay Award (RPA) from staff for interacting with other PCs and your game environment, or for writing an in character (IC) post on the forums.

As staff are not always watching roleplay as it occurs, we highly encourage our players to report when they witness phenomenal roleplay on someone's behalf, or submit a log of the outstanding roleplay event via e-mail or the forums. This will allow staff to reward players with a Peer Submitted RPA.


Credit is given in a ratio of two points of credit for each cent gifted via the PayPal link at the top of the site, and is awarded shortly after the payment is received.

So what is credit?

Credit IS NOT:

  1. Something you can buy experience or skills with.
  2. Compensation for people who've got a big budget and want to buy advantages for their PCs.
  3. Something staff intends to be used for meaningful mechanical benefit.

Credit IS:

  1. A thank you for players who want to help defray our costs.
  2. A good way to get that alteration you've always wanted, but your schedule doesn't meet up with the merchants'.
  3. Limited to certain types of redemption.

Redeeming credit follows the fame rules unless otherwise stated.