Name Value/
Material Bonus Armor Skill Bonus Notes
Bramble Silk 200 0 0
Clayweave 500 15 -5 Naturally imbued with the elemental properties of stone itself, clayweave is somewhat heavier than the average cloth but retains its flexibility and does not interfere with magical preparations. The process for manufacturing clayweave is relatively old and was first discovered by the Indurbra druim'dwer. Since that time, many other crafthalls have mastered the technique, but few routine demands are made for this odd, earth-hued cloth.
Cloth of T'elt 750 0 0 Cloth of t'elt is a fabric consisting of a core silk yarn wrapped in t'elt file.
Damorasi 600 0 0 Damorasi is a rare fabric woven from the bark of the Eg'nadian damilian tree.
Keelp 35 0 0 Keelp is a rubbery leather-like water-resistant substance made from kelp by naiads. Though the technique is not truly a secret, the landbound races take little notice of it as more traditional methods of producing leather for their purposes are significantly more efficient.
Laminated Linen 70 7 -2 Laminated linen is a fabric meant for armor that consists of multiple layers of turned linen laminated with resin.
Moonloom 1000 25 2 Moonloom is a sheer silk created from the cocoon of the caelux butterfly that live among nymph aeries. The silk is then blessed in an aeromantic Serenite ritual spanning the length of a year to produce a fabric that is not only light-weight but also offers considerable protection.
Samaal 750 20 0 A light-weight, rough fabric with a surprisingly strong tensile strength, samaal is made from the bark of a rainforest tree by the same name and is commonly associated with Elpa wares.
Silkshaell 100 0 0 Silkshaell is a waterproof fabric consisting of strands harvested from a form of seaweed that grows exclusively off of the remains of marine life, and only in the absence of light. The logistical difficulties with acquiring the strands make the producers of this soft fabric exclusively naiads.
Skinovaen 175 0 0 Skinovaen is a variety of silk commonly harvested from large domesticated spiders by the de Nox Ascenti, who view its collection as a religious obligation and have set up a profitable trade in the fabric, exporting it from northwestern Ziguran to the rest of the world.
Spunsilk 0 0 0
Steelsilk 100 10 0
Turned Linen 50 3 -1 Turned linen is a fabric meant for armor that consists of multiple layers of linen turned at perpendicular angles and bound together to grant bulky, if mildly-protective padding.