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Racial Martial Arts

Elpa Sylph

Avg. Height: 2'6" - 3'6"

Avg. Weight: 55 lb

Avg. Lifespan: 300

Physical Characteristics:

Hair/Antenna:Bright; blue, red, green and yellow most common.
Skin:Wrinkly; light to tan.
Body Type:Wide mouths, button noses
Clothing:Bright colors, comfortable garments; both sexes go topless in summer.
Notable:Do not have formed ears; instead, they have small hearing holes, and antennae on their heads.

Region: Southern Vash

Languages: Common

Stat Adjustments:


Special: Bonus to Channeling, Lore and Observation learn rates.

The Elpas are the scholars and lore masters of the Sylph race. Most Elpas stand between two-and-a-half to three-and-a-half feet tall, and have wide mouths, button noses, and bright eyes. Their skin tends to be wrinkly, gaining the characteristic lines soon after puberty. Notable for this subrace is the lack of formed ears. In the place where ears should be, are small hearing holes and antennae, similar to that found on insects or moths, sprout from the top of their heads.

Elpas tend to have light to tanned flesh tones, with their hair and antennae being bright colors, blue, red, green and yellow the most common.

Due to their strong perception, Elpas have an innate resistance to most illusions. Their sharp senses combined with their attention to small details make them more able to see through the illusion. At the same time, this attention to detail can make them potent illusionists, sometimes making things more believable than the real thing!

Elpas are the most intellectual of the Sylphs, and much of their wisdom is focussed on the intangible questions of life, its meaning and philosophy. These outlooks give them a strong understanding of the forces behind Astral magic and most intuitively resist such spells.

Elpas are able to hear very faint noises with their antennae, and in ranges that are even beyond that heard by the Vulfen race.

Elpas dress in bright colors, with comfortable garments appropriate to the climate they are in. It is common for Elpas of both sexes to go topless during summer or in tropical areas. Body piercing is generally limited to the facial area, as the antennae are too delicate and function as hearing for them.

Elpas prefer warm climates, rainforests being preferred since the wild proliferation of colorful life makes it easy for them to hide and blend in to their surroundings. They found small communities using magic for most of their needs, including using it to boost the yield from fields and fruit trees in the area so they can spend more time studying.

Elpas are very mystical in outlook, spending long hours or even weeks in meditation. Many have learned to treasure life and are very conscientious about their actions and how it will effect those around them. They have a strong oral tradition, with some of their race devoting their lives to recording their songs and stories for posterity. Some Elpas think it is foolish, considering they live for nearly a millennium. Anything they haven't passed on to someone probably isn't worth passing in their eyes.

Elpas spend long hours reciting informational stories and legends, most with a hidden moral. A favorite pastime is to spend an evening reciting fictional or historical stories around a fire built in the center of the village until the dawn. Elpas view metal weapons as crude and prefer to use their bodies and minds. Some believe the Elpas were the ones that developed martial arts and the practices of the Qai Monk.

Elpas marry late in life, usually spending their first couple of centuries learning about themselves and the world around them. The family unit consists of the parents with their children. Children who reach puberty are sent out to make their own way and learn about themselves, though normally the parents watch them carefully during that time.

Elpas tend to avoid organized religion, finding little solace in the thought that deities control their fate. Most Elpas follow a basic philosophy of life, concentrating on the repercussions of their actions coming back upon their soul to be judged upon death.

The ancestry of the Elpas is believed to extend to a group of isolationist elves that believed deeply in the mystical and physical potential of the individual. Many myths say the elves valued smaller frames because it made living within rainforests easier. The elves were believed to have bred themselves down to their current size.

Elpas make excellent archons, Qai monks or specialty priests, for once an Elpas decides that a deity is the lodestone of his life, he will be very hard to convince otherwise. Their passion for debate and philosophy can confound and often overwhelm any opposition to their beliefs. One of the favorite pastimes of the Elpas is to debate for years on end even upon minor affairs.

Elpas believe strongly in self-reliance and responsibility for one's own actions.

Elpas are the collectors of lore, keeping many of the legends of the other races of Sylphs as well as their own. Most Elpas are believed to know facts about the time before the Cataclysm.

Elpas enjoy the company of the Re'har, their sense of life and duty making them behave in a very Elpa manner. Daun tend to be seen as irresponsible, many Elpas settlements having been destroyed by unobservant Daun logging. Vulfen and Gharkin are cordial, with elves sometimes sharing their communities with Elpas. Orcs are seen in a light similar to Daun, though the orcs tendency towards brute force makes them more dangerous.

Elpas morally oppose the taking of anyone's freedom, feeling it is degrading and damaging to soul of both parties involved. Most Elpa communities don't even support incarceration for criminals, preferring to exile people deemed to destructive or nonconformist for the community to bear.

Racial Martial Arts

Elpa use a style of unarmed combat available to small races.

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Style Sphere Info
Small Races Brawling Martial Art

This martial arts stance is available to gnomes, haefdin, bramble sylphs, and elpa sylphs. The moves may be displayed with the brawl info command.

# Move Name RT Limbs Hit Locations Type Effect
1 Stomp 3 One Leg low Power
2 Gutcheck 3 One Arm mid Power
3 Legtrip 4 Other low Power Knockdown
4 Groinshot 2 One Arm low Power
5 Kneebash 3 One Leg low Power
6 Shinkick 3 One Leg low Power
7 Chomp 3 Other low Power