Religious Devotion

While the people of Thrael often pay their respects to more than one of the many gods at different times and seasons, some may feel an especially strong affinity to one particular deity and wish to formally declare their devotion to it. For any character wishing to adopt a patron deity, there is a system in place that may be used to formally devote to a god or goddess of their choosing.

Finding the shrine of your preferred deity is the first task you must complete in order to devote. Shrines exist somewhere in game for all Kivian deities except for the eternals Kel and Ng. In Vash, shrines to Yin-Wan and Irana are present. While these places are not usually out in the open, their general location can be guessed at with knowledge of the god or goddess in question; for instance, one might expect a shrine to Trost to be located underground somewhere.

Once at the shrine, you must perform a ritual by interacting in certain ways with various objects located in the room. Most shrines contain a few hints to aid the supplicant in his or her devotions, so be observant and inquisitive! The first step in any deity's ritual is always to pray.

After successfully completing the ritual, your character's patron deity will be shown under the info command. If later you decide that you no longer wish to be considered a devotee of the god or goddess, you may renounce your faith.