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Deliveries as Loot


You can perform deliveries for money and experience up until level 10. To do this, you should seek out Bhond's Deliveries in the City of Kaezar or in the foreigner's area in Koje City.

You can ask <person> for job, and then deliver the package to the person or place you are directed with give <package> to <person>. It is suggested that you use the maps found here.

Note: if you open the box and remove anything, be prepared to not be allowed to deliver for a while. Same is true if you fail to finish your delivery.

Deliveries as Loot

Boxes marked for delivery may also be picked up as loot acquired from killing various mobs. Any level character may find and complete these deliveries. Like packages run from Bhond's, making these deliveries will net you a small amount of coin, and may also grant some experience depending on your character's level.

To figure out where to take your box or package, simply appraise it and the messaging will reveal what shop it is marked for delivery to. As with packages obtained from Bhond's Shipping, most found deliveries will be marked for NPCs in Kaezar, Never-upon-Vinre, or Briarbrook. The appraisal will also give you an estimate of the package's value. In general, the reward you receive from delivering the item is its appraised value minus the value of the packaging.

On some occasions it may be more profitable to sell the contents of the package to a pawnshop, or sometimes the box may contain items that are beyond your will power to resist. Unlike delivery jobs that you get from Bhond, no one is watching over you to make sure that you actually deliver the package to its intended recipient, so there is no penalty incurred from opening up the box and helping yourself to its contents (other than the acute sense of shame you ought to feel for your despicable actions, you terrible terrible person).

Happy delivering!