Rules of Decorum

The following are 10 rather common-sense rules for life in Unwritten Legends. It is a list on which all the staff has agreed and just acts as a fair warning for disruptive players.

We know it sounds like there are an awful lot of "Do nots" in the list, but they are there to project the majority of you who are not disruptive and are enjoying UL in the way it should be enjoyed.

If there are ever problems with harassment or nuisance behavior from any players or staff please send an email to This email account forwards to all members of the Customer Service department.

  1. Do not use Instant Messaging (AIM, IM) to contact UL staff for chat. If you are having a UL-related problem, please type assist or report and UL staff will do what we can. If you have a serious bug to report, you can use the report command to alert staff to the situation. You can also email or another appropriate UL staff member to discuss an issue.
  2. Do not abuse other players! UL is a role-playing game where you will encounter good as well as evil characters. You may play an evil character, but using that character to abuse others will not be tolerated. In other words, attacking another character with IC cause could get your character thrown into jail in the game. Attacking a player without IC cause or repeatedly targeting another player (even with IC cause) may lead to your character being suspended or even banned. Carrying over real life personal differences in-game, incidents of sexual harrassment, and other forms of OOC abuse will, at the discretion of UL staff, be grounds for immediate and permanent deletion of your accounts. While this is a role playing game and it should be understood that actions are character against character, and not player against player, if you play an evil or otherwise unpleasant character, it is advisable to make sure your fellow players are "on board." You might try using the ooc command to communicate your RP intentions with other players, particularly if you have not played with the other character before. If you feel that a player is becoming too aggressive, you can also try using the ooc command to ask them to stop. If you feel that you are truly being vicitmized by another player, please log the incident and email You may also use report to alert staff to the situation.
  3. Do not make a nuisance of yourself! Even In Character behavior is not to become a nuisance to other players or to staff. If your character frequently engages in various behaviors that result in annoyance to other players or to staff your account may be terminated. UL Staff does not have time to put up with a player with a pattern of problem behavior, and other players should not have to deal with being constantly annoyed. Players are here to have fun, and if you are habitually spoiling that fun, then you will be removed from the game.
  4. Do not be disrespectful of other players or their items in game or on the UL forums. Each player deserves the full respect of all other players and staff members. Disrespectful behavior may result in you being banned from Unwritten Legends. If you feel you are a victim of disrespectful behavior and or abuse send a log of the incident to
  5. Do not abuse system bugs or flaws. If you discover a bug or profitable flaw, then please use bug to alert staff to it. In the case of a serious bug or other problem, you can use report. Abuse of system bugs or flaws may lead to your character being suspended or even banned.
  6. Do not run a script while away from the keyboard. Running a script while afk is cheating. If you are caught afk scripting, you will first receive a warning. If you are caught a second time, you will be automatically stripped of 5% or all of your acquired stats and all of your characters will be suspended from the game for two weeks. A third offense will result in permanent banning for UL. Note: "Travel scripts" may be used in UL.
  7. Do not run a script or do other repetitive actions in publically frequented spaces. This causes scrolling and is a nuisance to other players. Find an out of the way place to practice your repetitions.
  8. Do not go to sleep in public places or log off in public places. Nothing is quite as illusion breaking as a person suddenly appearing out of nowhere at Crossroads or the gates. Go to a more private spot to leave the game.
  9. Do not have OOC conversations in-game. For all non-game related topics, please use the ooc command to talk out of character with someone or else use AIM. (Preface your remarks with ooc and the person's name. For example: ooc Breen I have to go now.)
  10. Do not use cyber abbreviations, emoticons, or spoken emotes in-game. We do not permit things like "afk," "brb," or smilies, nor do we permit the use of spoke emotes such a "hee hee," "haha," or the like. There are tons of verbs and adverbs available in UL, so please take advantage of them.

* Remember that all characters, items, and rooms in game are property of Perfect Parable, LLC, and as such may be removed or suspended without notice. If this happens to your character and you feel it was unwarranted, please send an account of the situation to