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Days, Months & Holidays

Days of the Week

Monday – Moorsday, Moorstag (night)
Tuesday – Kingsday, Kingstag
Wednesday – Witchespax, Witchespax
Thursday – Runesday, Runestag
Friday – Fasulday, Fasulstag
Saturday – Sartday, Sartstag
Sunday – Sonsday, Sonstag


January – Morde
February – Fraostmonth
March – Storme
April – Raine
May – Sune
June – Deatre
July – Dien
August – Ghust
September – Thistle
October – Kolbre
November – Plade
December – Winte

Kivian Holidays

God Month of the Year Season Religious Holiday
Aorre Morde Mid-Winter Mid-Winter's Eve, Morde 31
Shaellis Fraostmonth Late Winter Nistaziustag, last day of Fraostmonth
Ghent Storme Early Spring Erval'dor, Storme 21
Vernal Equinox (seasonal holiday)
Leta Raine Spring Carromario or the Day of the Fool, Raine 1
Serene Sune Late Spring Galy'aer, Sune 1
Jakob Deatre Early Summer Cha'Solas, longest day of the year, Deatre 21
Summer Solstice (seasonal holiday)
Thine Dien Summer Hoquis's Day or MidSummer's Day, Dien 31
Lyra Ghust Late Summer Floribunda, Ghust 21
Duvan Thistle Early Fall Cha'Tyeka, Thistle 21
Autumnal Solstice (seasonal holiday)
Trost Kolbre Late Autumn Vos'Siddix, Kolbre 31
Mylywyth, Kolbre 21 (seasonal holiday)
Taqe Plade Early Winter Black Fasulday, fourth Fasulday of Plade
Vaen Winte Early Winter Shortest day of the year, Winte 21
Winter Solstice (seasonal holiday)