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The Constellations of the Western Hemisphere

Waterfall (Mniolae)

Month of domain is Storme.
Ruling planet is Tael.
Secondary ruling planet is Llyrin.
Ruling element is Water.
Metal affinity is silver.
Gem affinity is aquamarine.
Ruling statistics are Wisdom and Will.

Physical Description: Glimmering in a trembling spectacle of green light, the most northern star is the Emperor's Palette (a'Ythlae), from whence the constellation billows in a sloping southeastern fashion to meet a grand mass of stars that glow together like a pool of radiance. These thirteen stars following the southeastern Waterfall pattern (listed in order) are Ciador's star (Wythn), Dusk's Token star (r'Mnioli), Shire star (Diomae), Wynsor's pinprick (Aaylian), Beacon (Xor'imsai), Callena's star (Thi'laen), Bard's Note star (Queindilor), Rizar's star (Rion'lo'inae), Arthdale's star (Alth'laen), Fae shine II (Ueimyl), Clydde's star (Wyiendehl), Timmor's star (Athwienda), and Olaeg's star (Dymnior). The trail of stars leads down to a set of seven very closely set stars, which represents the spray of the Waterfall: Aquamarine star (Sien), Sapphire tear (Hielmynae), 'Ole Wytre (mn'Diaeldorn), Seawyrd star (Rien'fwyae), Water Topaz star (Diol'dahridigh), Lynnor's diamond (Iy'wathien), and Lapis Sea star (Yei'tienae). Four of these seven stars are blue giants.

In one word, mystical.

Keywords are also emotional, articulate, nurturing, intuitive, spiritual, protective, defensive.

Easing gently from the harsh realities of winter into the new life of spring that nearly tangible promise of what is to come is embodied by the child of Storme. She is a subtle soul rarely one to say exactly what is on her mind in mundane company, but everything about her eludes to something greater. Her understanding of the world comes from flashes of insight opposed to logical reasoning, and this intuitive nature, without a strong guiding hand, can lead to an unstable life path. She is often swayed by what she experiences in the moment, especially in regards to suffering, for none is more empathic by nature. As she is so susceptible to other's pain, the Waterfall has a tendency to shut herself away from the outside world when life becomes too much to bear. This defensive behavior is her recharging process and usually after this time, she comes back with a renewed sense of purpose and optimism.

Like the image she resembles, the Waterfall is a watery, powerfully emotional creature that pours all that is her out to those she loves. Her nurturing nature is often easy to spot, but what many do not see is also a fiercely protective soul wanting to defend those that she cares for from the toils of reality, even at the cost of her own wellbeing. It is therefore common to find a Waterfall in the company of the less fortunate, but a few that have been especially traumatized in their younger years seclude themselves in far-away sanitariums never to be part of normal society. As lovers, once comfortable opening to another, they form a lasting bond such that they become a half of a whole. They are then ever articulate in expressing their love, emotional needs, and even what they discover on a daily basis.

Seemingly touched by the gods; it is common to discover many Waterfalls with the gift of regeneration and empathy — the eternal blessing and curse. As is the case, those are the chosen into the sacred role of the empath. Those Waterfalls born without the gift make extraordinary priests and priestesses, namely of Eyssa.

Winged Unicorn (a'Paen)

Month of domain is Raine.
Ruling planet is Amrhwdyn.
Secondary ruling planet is Llyrin.
Ruling element is Water.
Metal affinity is damask.
Gem affinity is opal.
Ruling statistics are Dexterity and Will.

Physical description: a'Paen is marked by "the Great Square of a'Paen," fours stars in the Unicorn's body that form a square whose sides are each the width of one fist, held up to the sky. They are the Rider (Markaeb) and the Shoulder (Schaet), a red giant star, and the Flank (Algenib) which is a blue giant. In the northeastern corner of the square is a double star system of a white dwarf and a purple giant named Alpheratz , also called Zaxleto's bane. One of the stars in Alpheratz is actually now over the boundary into the constellation Saen'uwenae. Forming the legs of the Unicorn are the stars a'Dom, Haegra and Morae, which is a wide pair. Sharply rising from Dyllian's star (Hermathene), which is a brilliant blue giant and is the head of the constellation, is a super giant of great magnitude called the Fyreeshien Horn (Dikeras).

In one word, socialite.

Keywords are also emotional, savoir-faire, productive, cunning, creative, discreet, materialistic.

The child of Raine is perhaps the most social of all his zodiacal siblings, rivaled close by the Sprite. He is usually found in the company of those he trusts and admires, but most importantly respects, and the more powerful his friends, the better. Much of his energy is spent finding ways to improve his station for his primary appreciation in life is of good society and all that entails. What with his savoir-faire and cunning mind, he can often achieve this goal with relative ease. Many Winged Unicorns of low birth have found themselves in the confidence of some influential people, for despite any station they manage to portray themselves as very grounded, productive, and trustworthy. His creativity also lends to an ability to obtain and wear fashions, which often, in his mind, are an important element in maneuvering within society.

Willing to bend his own will in order to find his place within society, the Winged Unicorn has the reputation of having innumerable acquaintances. He likewise exudes an earthy sensuality that attracts many suitors. When in love, he is a very giving soul that longs to connect on a deeply emotional level, for in reality his materialistic and societal ventures are masks covering the need for emotional security.

Endowed with the fortunes of Amrhwdyn, and marked with an understated grace and beauty granted by Llyrin, the Winged Unicorn is exceptionally equipped as an entrepreneur. He is the tailor, jeweler, and cobbler of the land, and to a lesser degree the bard and archon. Although even less common, some Winged Unicorns are born with the gift of empathy and regeneration.

Sprite (Lynliol)

Month of domain is Sune.
Ruling planet is Llyrin.
Secondary ruling planet is the Sun.
Ruling element is water.
Metal affinity is daun.
Gem affinity is amethyst.
Ruling statistics are Will and Strength.

Physical description: Arthdale's star (Alth'laen), a pulsating blue nova tips the top of the Sprite's wing, which protrudes to the northeast. Slanting to Alth'laen's southeast is Fae shine I (Reimyl), and at the Sprite's hip and just a touch east of being directly under Alth'laen is Fae shine II (Ueimyl). Crestient's star (a'Oraen) is the center of the head and lies slightly southwest of Alth'laen. a'Oraen connects far below at a southeastern angle with the Indrejan Dewdrop (Fwein) to create the torso. Three stars shoot out westward from the hip star (Fwein); the first two are so close together they are often referred to as one, the Sunstar (Llean'yii'ta) for its brilliance and the other, Clydde's star (Wyiendehl) is set farther down and a very slight southwestern slope. This set of three stars composes the western leg, which is bent. Falling directly under Fwein is a perfectly straight line of two stars, Noneei's star (Ouiex-n'nae) and Pearborne (Teillae), creating the eastern leg. Ten stars comprise this constellation.

In one word, charming.

Keywords are also emotional, diplomatic, savoir-faire, psychic, artistic, articulate, self-indulgent.

Known for an articulate and diplomatic nature, seldom is a Sprite not found on stage, even when performing mundane duties. He is the eternal storyteller with the desire to both give and acquire knowledge. Thankfully, he has the tools to gather an audience, as the subtly alluring power of Llyrin adds a great deal of magnetism to his personality. Some Sprites develop a very strong psychic prowess that allows insight into the minds of others, and ever the performer he will give his audience exactly what they want. His communication, whether performing or chitchatting with friends, is filled with emotion to which many can relate.

The Sprite generally takes great pains to present himself as one with refined ascetics and savoir-faire; therefore, of all the zodiac signs, he is known to be the most attractive. His natural glow and worldliness draw many, but his relationships tend to be shallow. His easy-come, easy-go attitude can earn him a self-indulgent reputation, and this is perhaps his main challenge in life in terms of relationships.

Blessed with beauty and a highly developed mind tempered by deep emotional roots, many Sune natives find themselves drawn to the free life of the bard. Roaming the lands in search of new experiences, and thus new tales to tell, is a favored pass time of any born under this sign regardless of profession. Some rare Sprites are born blessed with the gift of empathy, but those souls tend to be less flighty in temperament.

Myrmidon (Il'Vlarchi)

Month of domain is Deatre.
Ruling planet is Tempest.
Secondary ruling planet is the Sun.
Ruling element is Fire.
Metal affinity is mithryl.
Gem affinity is bloodstone.
Ruling statistics are Reflexes and Strength.

Physical description: Fourteen stars comprise this constellation: the largest star Barthelgrimm's star (Eldroae) is at the head of the warrior outline. Two identical stars Twin Carweena stars( Ilaint and Wiesorien) are set slightly above Eldroae, flanking it at an angle. This is the Myrmidon's helm. Four stars are set under Eldroae to form a faint rhombus. Ciador's star (Wythn) is the upper western star and is a white dwarf; Dusk's Token star (r'Mnioli) is the lower western white dwarf and is the first visible in the night sky; Rose III star (a'Doraen) is a tiny red nova that is the upper eastern star; and Goddir's star (Calae) is the faintest of the four stars and is positioned in the lower eastern par of the rhombus. Three white dwarves connect on the western rhombus' lower corner to form a slightly inwardly bent leg. The first star is Elyan's Tear (Yli), the second, which is slightly southeast of Yli, is Evansce's star (Niae), and Clandor's star (Ylanae) is right under Niae. The other leg is composed of two diagonal stars steming from the lower eastern portion of the rhombus stars: Shire star (Diomae) being the top and Wynsor's pinprick (Aaylian) to the southeast. The Myrmidon's only and left arm is clenching a longsword, which is made from the two vertical stars (Xorien's star or Dlaemnior and Boyll's star or Kien'lym) to the main constellation's east.

In one word, militant.

Keywords are also spirited, athletics, self-assertive, intense, passionate, expansive, explosive.

Bound by service or bound to himself — living from adrenaline rush to adrenaline rush — the Myrmidon's main focus in life is gain through physical means. He is seldom one to be stagnant, preferring to sprint through life rather than strolling through the park noting the pleasantries. In addition to a need for action, he approaches each situation, regardless of nature, with a deep-rooted passion and intensity. Even intellectual pursuits are tackled with an athletic flare. Challenges, intrigues, and puzzles of a physical bend tend to catch his attention. His reaction to stimuli, especially conflict or insult, is reflexive and dictated by values set early in life. His impulsive, stubborn attitude has both saved the day and led to unnecessary personal battles.

Self-assertive by nature, the native of the Deatre sky has an expansive view of relations. His approach is direct and to the point, and he often views friends as comrades or possessions bound for life — they are his, and he is theirs. His loyalty is without fault, although not without the fiery passion of Tempest. Like the Dragyn, he demands body, mind, and soul, but in turn, he offers the same. His notable temper is unleashed should one he loves call fowl on him, for in his mind his intentions are noble.

Empowered by Tempest, the Moon of Passion, the Myrmidon is a hot-blooded individual endowed with a reflexive nature and need for action. The life-giving sun adds a great deal of strength and athletic ability. These attributes suggest at militaristic pursuits. Many are mercenaries living for the sheer thrill of loping off orc heads, and those not enlisted are renowned athletes. Those who manage to somewhat quell their intense nature find themselves in leadership positions.

Shield (Aiyn)

Month of domain is Dien.
Ruling planet is Tarrn.
Secondary ruling planet is the Sun.
Ruling element is fire.
Metal affinity is somme.
Gem affinity is amber.
Ruling statistics are Reasoning and Strength.

Physical description: The second largest constellation in the night sky, second only to the Waterfall, the Shield's eleven dwindled but twinkling blue giant stars (save one green giant) span over a roughly target shield-shaped area in the sky. The most northern star, being the tip of the northwesterly shield, is Tranjior's star (Wuinae). To the slight southeast is the Vladier star (O'ulmae) and at nearly the same angle from Wuinae but above O'ulmae is Gorbret's star (Lysaue). In a perfect diagonal line, but at quite some distance away and southeast from O'ulmae, are the twin stars Azure Topaz I and II (du'a'Aelwayr). The northernmost of the two is the faintest, but twinkles more intensely than the southern. Running in a diagonal line from Lysaue is one of the few green giants visible in the night sky, which is called Forsynth's star (Draegnoae). Set very far away, an adjacent to the path created by Lysaue and Draegnoae, is Kaezar's Beacon (Il'laenda), and adjacent to the path made by O'ulmae the du'a'Aelwayr stars is Caellien's star (Yei'trieane). Completing the shield at a southern point is the Maiden's Eye (Fwaeniel). Set directly in the middle of the shield is the Haemfaire star (Haen'ay), a brilliant red giant.

In one word, dauntless.

Keywords are also spirited, presence, justice, philosophical, law, order, dogmatic.

Born under the blazing summer sun, when life is at its peak, the Shield owns an awareness of life and the order inherent in it. Imbued within his psyche is a need for universal justice, but unlike the Balance, who is generally very detached, he is a spirited and dashing presence always fighting for a cause. The combination of air and fire in his being feeds a combustive enthusiasm and often a very incisive silver tongue. He is never without retort in the face of opposition, and with such an active mind and body, he is seldom daunted by conflict. With that said, he is hardly ever found arguing over what he would consider trivial matters, rather the broader issues. Justice, order, and integrity are the major themes in his life. Seemingly naive at times, the Shield expects the world to aspire to lofty heights of morality. He cannot abide by dishonesty or false pretense. "Death before dishonor" is a common battle cry of the Shield.

Like the nature of a physical shield, the Dien child desires to protect and preserve those about whom he cares. He is a very warm person and his affections are often gained easily, especially if the one seeking is underprivileged or afflicted in some way. The Shield is known to take the unfortunate under his wings and help them discover their own path in life. When one who he treasures is wronged, it instantly becomes a personal matter and he will jump into the fray without second thought.

Guided by the planet of Order, Tarrn, the Shield's utmost concerns deal with "higher purposes." The secondary ruler, the Sun, lends strength of body and character, as well as a noticeable presence. This considerable combination of mind and body predispose him to take up arms for a cause. Often Shields are found to be paladins, but any profession that satisfies his need for order and is both mentally and physically intensive are viable options.

Noble (Mnel'tiorn)

Month of domain is Ghust.
Ruling planet is the Sun.
Secondary ruling planet is Tallow.
Ruling element is Fire.
Metal affinity is lanakin.
Gem affinity is ruby.
Ruling statistics are Strength and Endurance.

Physical description: The Noble (Mnel'tiorn) is distinguished by the outline of a great figure similar to the shaping of both the Myrmidon and Magician. Long billowing hair composed of white dwarf stars stream down from a single red giant star called Ul'Myddar (Thaerl). The grouping of white dwarves that fall from Thaerl is called the Izabae's Coverlet. A regal and thin body is formed by a stretched rectangle composed of the stars Diadem's Jewel (Tulae'asor), the Rock Crystal (Oiy), Hargruir's star (Haen'soir) and Eyssa's Tribute (a'Ouyinae).

In one word, captivating.

Keywords are also spirited, strategic, presence, warmth, diplomatic, athletics, arrogance.

Imbued with the life force of the sun, the child of Ghust seems to radiate a positive, cheerful warmth. She is the ruler and dignitary, effortlessly stepping into the forefront to blaze a path to the future. Luckily, this is where she is most comfortable, for many Nobles have an instinctive ability to attain loyalties. Her unmistakable presence lends to an ability to draw the best from those she deals with, and thusly her diplomatic prowess is often renowned. Able to strategically funnel the talents around her toward a single goal, she is at home bellowing orders on the battlefield or overseeing an entire city.

She is progressive in nature and is attracted to the new and avant-garde. Ultimately, she desires to see growth within herself, in those around her, and in her surroundings. As such, she is hardly ever static and this is reflected in her approach to relationships. Very few Nobles come off as shy. She is often the initiator in any new friendship, and in love, her romantic sensibilities tend toward the grand and showy. All she encounters in life feel her warmth.

Empowered by the life-giving rays of the sun, the Noble is an example of peak physical strength and presence. With these gifts, she is fit for any physical career, as well as work in politics. Instilled with the endurance of Tallow, she is able to stay the course through difficult times. This also lends to a physically orientated career.

Apprentice (El'tiorn)

Month of domain is Thistle.
Ruling planet is Amrhwdyn.
Secondary ruling planet is Tallow.
Ruling element is Earth.
Metal affinity is gold.
Gem affinity is sapphire.
Ruling statistics are Dexterity and Endurance.

Physical description: Fraedor's Pinnacle (Uilnaeo) marks the head of the Apprentice's form, followed directly underneath some distance by Gwywyr (Aestieryl), which is flanked by two stars. The eastern star is Kiawyn's gem (Tairr) and on the west, Rowier's star (Fwiaer'ylae). A grouping of four stars arch over Uilnaeo and form the Apprentice's cloak hood; Shadowyr (Yliegae), Stalk (Wiorae), Stryke (Saellymr) and Poisyn (a'Qieal). A series of three stars southwest of Tairr sit in a row, called the Thieves' Treasure (a'Trrowier, Sionee'eil and Quiordior from east to west), which could either be a small dagger or a lockpick inhand.

In one word, mechanical.

Keyords are also sensual, practical, productive, cunning, creative, discreet, materialistic.

Born under the Thistle sky, The Apprentice shows an extraordinary aptitude for detailed activities and observation. With such a gifting in perception, little goes without his notice. He is quick to absorb every detail of his surroundings and often can adapt instantly to the changes within it, giving him a chameleon-esque quality. The Apprentice treasures the material things of his world more so than the other earth signs, and often he will be found wearing the finest clothing and consuming the richest food and drink. In the hands of an Apprentice, all manner of tools seem to take on a new dimension — the devices of his trade are the natural extension of his body. Whether it be wrench or lock pick, his intuitive grasp of the nature of any instrument is impressive. With said instruments, he is a true artisan, bringing an earthy creativity to whatever he does.

The Apprentice tends to be a very discreet individual, at times to the point of secrecy. It is not that he necessarily has something to hide, rather he fears the shackles emotional bonds can impose. At the crux of this fear is an uncertainty of how relationships will affect his financial freedom; therefore, the Apprentice may have a great many friends, but most will be somewhat removed from emotional involvement.

Ruled by the planet of Fortune, Amrhwdyn, the Apprentice is bestowed with a tremendous dexterity and perception, as well as a deep-rooted need for physical possessions. Careers that allow for craftsmanship and hands-on labor, such as the path of the tinker or the locksmith, are ideal. Those with looser ethics may take to thievery, as their gifting naturally predisposes them. His secondary ruler is Tallow, granting an above average endurance and practicality. These attributes lend to careers that deal with repetitive rote and creative potential.

Orchid (Oulienae)

Month of domain is Kolbre.
Ruling planet is Tael.
Secondary ruling planet is Tallow.
Ruling element is Earth.
Metal affinity is copper.
Gem affinity is emerald.
Ruling statistics are Wisdom and Endurance.

Physical description: The Orchid is a simplistic constellation comprised of a southeasterly-running stem: Rayydor's peak (Althieon), Fhawyn's star (Ylae'mnar), Fwithyana's star (Canae), King's Crest star (Di'oannae), Chyarackra's star (Wyiern'dior), Bard's Note star (Queindilor). Two clusters of three star-sets dangling under the stem make up the Orchid blossoms. The highest set is suspended a bit southeast of Ylae'mnar and is composed of the Kysos isle (Ryiadeo), Anjour's diamond (Arwae) and the green giant 'Ole Irth (vian'Diaeldorn). The other set, called The Three Kings, is situationed directly under the King's Crest star: Vellignt's star (Xaen'athwe), Zaertov's star (Drietuor) and Anthemian's star (Yli'tor'uadae).

In one word, naturalistic.

Keyords are also sensual, longsuffering, nurturing, intuitive, spiritual, protective, defensive.

Solid as the oak and forgiving as an autumn breeze, those born under the diminishing Kolbre sky harbor a sincere love of the natural world. While sometimes awkward and uncomfortable within civilization, The Orchid radiates contagious warmth when in her woodland element. She possesses a strong sense of connectedness with the flora and fauna of her world, manifesting in a strong instinct to nurture and protect all life forms. As with all earth signs, the Orchid has a desire to experience the world through her senses, although in a somewhat more naturalistic light. Absorbing the sights and sounds of nature, drinking the water from a cool brook, is akin to the touch of a lover's hand.

Often considered of the most alluring signs in the zodiac, The Orchid exudes a natural glow of vitality. Even if she is not particularly beautiful, this mixture of earth and water is a powerful combination as it wins her many friends, as well as suitors. Despite her appeal, she carries herself with humility and grace, accepting compliments but rarely creating bias.

Motivated by the divine powers of Tael, and firmly grounded by Tallow, the Orchid is blessed with a farseeing wisdom and a good constitution. These are the gardeners and caretakers of the world, being the obvious druid and, to a lesser degree, ranger placement. However, some Orchids are devoted priests of other gods or goddesses, namely Lyra and Eyssa.

Sharl (Spyrae)

Month of domain is Plade.
Ruling planet is Tallow.
Secondary ruling planet is Rhithe.
Ruling element is Earth.
Metal affinity is iron.
Gem affinity is sardonyx.
Ruling statistics are Endurance and Intelligence.

Physical description: The Sharl (Spyraie) is the faintest of the constellations in the zodiacal twelve. There are two open clusters that form the opposing claws; one, Beta Sharli, has Dael's Dream (Altraf) as its primary star, and the second, called The Beehive, swirls about its principal star, Pendre's Path (Acubens), the larger of the pair. The main body of the crustacean is composed of three white dwarves in a row, Insomari's bane (Praesepe), Laerta's Rose, (Asellus) and the Southern Donkey (Keilos).

In one word, authoritative.

Keywords are also sensual, ingenious, strategic, longsuffering, discerning, practical, stubborn.

When harvest season has ended and the sun retiring, the final crescendo of autumn brings with it a sense of loss as harsh winter reality sets in. Like the season's end, the Sharl harbors an unsettling knowledge that life is fleeting — she must make her mark on the world while possible. This awareness of mortality leads to a harsh outlook on life, and it follows that there exists none more disciplined of all the signs. With her enduring, practical approach to problem solving, and her earthy ingenuity, life's challenges appear not so challenging in her hands. The Sharl is firmly grounded in reality and finds comfort in experiencing the world through her senses. Good food, drink and company are all hers, but never in excess.

Not having to actively seek power, positions of authority seem to find her out, for she is especially equipped to tackle the little details of life. She accepts gladly as this is precisely her aim. With such the natural gifting in administration, she is known for taking the lead and giving useful advice... although, at times, a bit too often. With this tendency, and her use of prudence and discernment in her approach to associations, she often earns a bossy, stick-in-the-mud reputation. Indeed, her confidence is gained slowly, but once gained she is a lasting friend willing to go the extra distance.

The Moon of Discipline, Tallow, rules the Plade native, granting a tremendous physical endurance and mental staying power. This blessing opens doors in labor professions and business. Politics likewise is an option, especially where the practically minded are an asset. The secondary ruler is Rhithe, which strengthens the intellect and gives some talent in magical pursuits. Those Sharls who foster their magical gift show promise as enchanters and earth mages.

Balance (Qinael)

Month of domain is Winte.
Ruling planet is Tarrn.
Secondary ruling planet is Rhithe.
Ruling element is Air.
Metal affinity is platinum.
Gem affinity is diamond.
Ruling statistics are Reasoning and Intelligence.

Physical description: Easily recognized by the triangle it forms in the night skies, the Balance (Qinael) is composed of four major blue stars and seven small white dwarves and reaches its zenith during the equinox when there are equal hours of daylight and night. Roshanon's Guide (Bae'Nelgenubi), The Peony (Ga'unbi) and Milo's Sapphire (Haekrab'i) form the perfect isosceles triangle that has a slight 45o tilt. Suspended from each of the lower angles like cups from a scale, Cyra's star (Betael'gril) a white dwarf and Jakob's Truth (Jae'krisin'lae) a wide double blue are almost equally spaced, creating a perfect symmetry.

In one word, judicial.

Keywords are also logical, analytical, justice, philosophical, law, order, dogmatic.

Suggestive of its name, the Balance is the eternal judge, weighing modern philosophy, politics, and culture through a personal lens of ethics and morality. Able to approach an issue with a broad perspective, she carefully examines both sides of the coin before reaching a conclusion — and her conclusions are often correct. The native of Winte is anything but injudicious; the integrity of each situation is her aim, for in her mind injustice is a keynote of uncivilized society. She is a racketeer of culture and harbors a great respect for the laws of the land, able to see the importance of order over chaos.

The Balance is never in want of good company, as she maintains an air of equilibrium. She keeps friends of a like-mind who are willing to spend considerable time dissecting philosophical topics or discussing the latest political move of the empire. Emotional matters are approached, at best, with discomfort and at worst, distain. The Balance cannot abide vulgar displays of emotion, preferring the company of those with temperaments that are more circumspect. When faced with these situations, she is rarely rude, but her exacting words cut to the crux of the matter. Those who know her well find a fair, stable friend always willing to lend advice, and truly concerned with the fulfillment of justice.

Ruled by the strong planetary influence of Tarrn, the Balance often finds herself in a career that utilizes her reasoning and judicial powers. Many magistrates and barristers boast this sign. The lesser influence of Rhithe bestows an appreciable intellect and a mild tie to the Weave. Some Balances lead lives as wizards serving on the Wizard's Council, or any arcane profession that would allow for order.

Dragyn (Saen'uwenae)

Month of domain is Morde.
Ruling planet is Tempest.
Secondary ruling planet is Rhithe.
Ruling element is Air.
Metal affinity is lead.
Gem affinity is onyx.
Ruling statistics are Reflexes and Intelligence.

Physical description: Amber radiance (a'Tiell) tops the head of the compact Dragyn constellation and to its southwest is Roanna's star (Taey'lly), which sets the path for the neck. Two stars following the sloping path started by a'Tiell and Taey'lly set the back side of the Dragyn, Delphinus' star (Rhiaen'eaw) and the most brilliant red giant 'Ole Fyre (aey'Diaeldorn). A cluster of three stars, the Coastal Beacons, lies far under a'Tiell but slightly to the southwest and create a claw of the Dragyn. The Coastal Beacon stars are (from most northern to southern); d'Anjour's Beacon star (Tahrae), Uttabhadara (Qin'yekh'kae) and Aspidiske (Mnael'afwyr). Slighty southeasterly of aey'Dialdorn is the Talon star (Ouynli'lae), which marks the lower leg of the beast. Rising above the backside of the Dragyn are three stars that curve to form a wing; the first, northeast of Rhiaen'eaw, is Xodysie's Jewel (Yitahri'nae) and sloping somewhat southwesterly is Wyrmstead Mountain star (Uoimae), which is followed on a more intense angle and at a geat distance by Caellien's fear (a'Yimobiae).

In one word, calculating.

Keywords are also logical, magical skills, assertive, intense, passionate, expansive, explosive.

Like a winter river, its frozen sheath concealing raging currents just bellow the surface, such is the Morne native. Unlike the Myrmidon, whose fiery nature never goes unnoticed, The Dragyn is often considered the most mysterious sign in the zodiacal twelve due to his uncanny ability to present one face to the world, but conceal his actual intensions deep within. His mind works in calculated steps with eyes fixed upon some hidden goal, perhaps never sharing with another the true dragyn inside. A burning inner passion and expansive view are ready fuels for whatever purpose he has fixed himself to — his solidarity of mind is strikingly intense.

The child of Morne, like the month, possesses a shroud of hoarfrost that causes many in his presence to shiver. Not one to deal with trivial emotions or social pleasantries, he can appear entirely disinterested in everyday interaction... unless it aligns with his hidden agenda. Far from confidants, those he allows within his fold are carefully aligned associates, and at best, comrades in a season of need. The rare few who happen to glimpse the true Dragyn are not permitted any more than that, but he demands body, mind and soul.

Imbued with the passions of Tempest, the Dragyn is dominated by a reflexive mind and body, as well as a deep-rooted intensity. Many Dragyns enjoy the thrill of battle, crusading a cause of their own making, while others relish the battle of wits found in politics. His secondary ruler, Rhithe, adds a shrewd intelligence and a modicum of magical talent. Rogue fire mages and channelers are often discovered to be Dragyns.

Magician (Dween'li)

Month of domain is Fraostmonth.
Ruling planet is Rhithe.
Secondary ruling planet is Llyrin.
Ruling element is Air.
Metal affinity is naje.
Gem affinity is hematite.
Ruling statistics are Intelligence and Will.

Physical description: The brilliantly twinkling red star Khaen's blood (Tiel'asoria) tops the Magician constellation. Some distance directly below Tiel'asoria is Auor's star (Athwein) in the center of the Magician's celestial robe, outlined by three diagonal stars on the east and two on the west. The eastern stars, from most northern to the south are Cammen's star (Lonmiae), Kenton's diamond (a'Tarien) and Vinsora's Beckon (Orii'ylae), which is set close to a'Tarien and is the second brightest of the constellation, second only to Tiel'asoria. The western two stars forming the robe are the upper blue giant Icewynd (Fienael) and Tlorzd's star (Naessa). Two stars, set extremely close together (the Twin Few Fellows (Reali and Iysaliae), are slightly southwest of Tiel'asoria and with 'Ole Electre (waey'Diaeldorn), located a tinge northwest of Athwein, comprise a diamond-topped wand that is held by the left hand. The stars in this constellation total ten.

In one word, objective.

Keywords are also logical, psychic, essence, magical skills, analytical, ingenious, eccentric.

Those born under the frigid Fraostmonth skies prize a clear perception, untouched by emotion or social conditioning. The passion of the Magician is his formidable mind. Unfettered logic and analysis are his strengths, able to dissect all facets of the world around him objectively. Some may find their mental faculties ascend to a greater plane, evolving the ability to affect their surroundings by mere whim.

At times, the Magician is perceived in an uneasy light, as he finds himself emotionally detached from the current happenings. It is not that he is necessarily aloof or standoffish, but his analytical mind is ever dissecting those he encounters. Despite this cool logic, the Magician is grouped among the more civilized signs for if one does win his trust, she would find a keen, ingenious, and insightful friend. He harbors a desire to understand all, and those who befriend the Magician would soon discover secret worlds of knowledge, as well as an extraordinary soul.

Rhithe, the ruling planet of the Magician, lends a deep understanding of the workings and infrastructure of the Weave. This gifting is felt early in life as magical rotes and repetition come naturally. Any profession stemming from the branch of arcane magic is an ideal career choice. The secondary ruler, Llyrin, adds a lesser degree of grace and willpower, often manifesting in psychic abilities. Those who embrace this gift have great potential in the Vedic fields of study.