Chat & Gamehelp

Chat and gamehelp exist for OOC communication with other players. They can be turned on or off using the settings command, i.e. settings chat on/off, settings gamehelp on/off. To use them, type chat <message> or gamehelp <message>.


The chat channel is for general light socialization, discussion of matters related to changes or new functionality, and questions about said changes. It is not for discussing what your dog just did, that you made a typo during RP, coordinating IM chats, or conveying any IC information whatsoever. For OOC extensive socializing or commenting on current RP, use the oocwhisper command with other players in the room or take it outside of the game.


The gamehelp channel is for questions about how to play the game. gamehelp should never have anything but game-related content on it. Appropriate use of gamehelp includes clarification on lore, guidance on using the chargen, and questions on syntax. It is inappropriate to ask questions that are considered IC information, such as where an item can be bought, where to find a spell, where other players currently are located, etc.