Character Generation

You've received your acceptance letter and figured out how to enter the world of Thrael and have just found yourself in a room called [Outside the Realms, The Character Creation Lounge]. What to do now?

This is where you will create your character. It may all seem confusing at first, but there are guides to help you find your way around so you may set up a viable PC that will give you the most fun. These guides can be found in game as well as on this site.

The first thing we recommend you to do is type help. It will give you a list of options. To select one of the help files, type help <file number> or help <topic>.

For example, typing help 4 or help races will tell you about the different races. Pick the one you are interested in and again type help <file number> or help <topic>. So if you wish to be a daun, typing help daun will tell you about the race of men called dauns. To learn about the subraces, you will need to visit the appropriate page listed beneath Daun under the People tab above, and read about the different subraces and their added strengths and type of traits.

Just keep in mind when using the chargen to type the choices as one word, such as SetRace, SetSubRace, SetGender, SetAge, SetProfession, SetPatronMoon, SetStartLocation, SetDominantHand, SetStatFocus, SetInnateSkill, SetStat, SetLastName, and SetTrait.

To decide on a profession, as well as get information on what skills are best for that profession, type help profession, pick the profession you wish to know more about, and then type help empath for empath or help mercenary for mercenary, etc. Typing help mercenary without going through help profession works as well. Remember, mercenaries and wilders must chose a style. This is done by typing train with trainer. The styles are explained in their profession files.

In the profession help files, you'll notice that we have listed what skills and stats are best for your profession. This will help when you pick the seven innate skills that you are allowed. Innates gain skill points faster than other skills, helping to make your character more efficient in those skills that need to be more effective. By typing help skills, you will see a listing and explanation of every skill.

Setting stat focus will allow you to pick whether you wish to be stronger in the mental stats or the physical. We suggest magic uses pick the mental stats, where sword swingers go with the physical stat bonuses.

Set stat will allow you to set the points you want on each of your stats. The help file again is most, well, helpful with this. Help stats lists all the stats as well as explaining them.

Set Gender is just that, male or female. Set moon at this time is mainly just a random choice but one day may figure in to magic use. Tempest being sort of the dark moon, Tael being the light moon and Tallow being neutral. Setting your dominant hand decides if you swing a sword with your left or your right hand.

Now you are ready to set your last name and then most important of all, just how you will look. If you have set your race and subrace, you are ready for this step. It will guide you through setting eye features and color, shape of your nose, your mouth, your hair color, the way you wear it, if you have a beard or are clean shaven, etc. Just follow suit as it leads you from one trait to the next.

Once you have filled in all the character traits and are pleased with your decisions, you are ready to enter Thrael.

By typing CreateCharacter, you will find yourself outside the bank in the little town of Kemstead (#8 on the map) in Peregorne, a good place for a newly arrived character to begin and even in the towns, you can again use the help files to assist you in getting around, interacting with others and learning the ropes.

Welcome to Unwritten Legends and we hope this helped to start you on your way to becoming one of the members of our close knit family of players!