Carabello Daun

Avg. Height: 5'10"

Avg. Weight: 180 lb

Avg. Lifespan: 100

Physical Characteristics:

Eyes:Rich browns, greens, olives, occasionally sky blue or stormy gray.
Hair:Black or brown hair in varying hues and shades.
Body Type:Attractive, well-proportioned.
Clothing:Flamboyant yet somehow elegant, skillfully tailored in brocades and velvets to be form-fitting, adorned with great quantities of embroidery and beadwork.

Region: Quesalia

Languages: Common, Carabello

Stat Adjustments:


It is often said that Carabello is the language of kings and statesmen. This particular stereotype is hard to deny, as even the eloquent sylvans tend to agree that the native speakers of this refined tongue represent a higher standard of sophistication and culture among all daun. It is primarily spoken in the city-states of the Caradeste Alliance such as Abyzanto, Pistoia, and Aura-del-mare. These allied states of northwestern Quesalia represent the ethnic homeland of the Carabello nation, where the Carabello have been content to remain, not being prone to wander as are many of the other daun sub-groups.

Physically speaking, the Carabello are usually attractive with a well-proportioned build. Most have black or brown hair in varying hues and shades which they wear in whatever the latest fashion might be. Their eyes appear in a range of colors reminiscent of the lush sun-filled hills and valleys of their native land, which include rich browns, greens, olives and an occasional instance of sky blue or stormy gray. Carabello advances in agriculture and the culinary arts have resulted in a relatively healthy constitution, however, it is the grace and fluidity of their physical expression that best defines their physique on average. These qualities are emphasized by their flamboyant yet somehow elegant clothing, which is skillfully tailored in brocades and velvets to be form-fitting and is adorned with great quantities of embroidery and beadwork.

The impact of il'lthye and sylvan influences on Carabello culture cannot be understated, as this particular daun civilization has benefited largely from a close proximity to their Quesalian neighbors; the Lior sylvans and the il'lthye of House Kynan-Tremaine. This abiding friendship between the three races continues to propel the Carabello forward to ever greater triumphs in art, music, literature and modern diplomacy.

While the Kivians lead the way in trade and industry, the Carabello claim rights to a degree of cultural elegance not seen since the Age of Wonders. Their playwrights, musicians, and poets have been responsible for some of the most sought after works of fiction and music of the past twelve decades. A national love of color and beauty has also served to produce some of the greatest luminaries in the world of fine art. Most would agree that this culture gives birth to some of the most respected diplomats, generals, and nobles in all of the western world.