Bug & Typo

When using bug or typo, the following information is automatically provided for staff:

  1. What room you used the bug or typo command in.
  2. Who submitted the typo or bug.
  3. When the typo or bug was submitted.


The bug command should be used for things like:

  1. Skills not functioning properly.
  2. Verbs not functioning properly.
  3. Mobs behaving improperly.
  4. Items not functioning properly.

When in doubt, bug it.

When using bug, be as specific as possible. Things our coders like to see that let them solve things immediately:

  1. The exact command entered.
  2. The short description of any item involved.
  3. Any special circumstances that you think might come into play (tags, effects, etc.)

When a bug is serious, report it. Serious bugs involve those that provide item duplication, infinite exp/money/skillgain exploits, game-crashing, character/saving room corruption, and the like. Do not just report a problem. When reporting a problem, always file a bug report first so it is entered indelibly into the bugtracking database.

Bugs that are less serious and require a log or more detail than is practical to put into a bug report can be posted to the forums.

The bug queue is kept small and is tended to much more quickly and frequently than the typo queue given the more serious nature of bugs.


The typo command should be used for anything relating to creative. This includes:

  1. Typos in any description. Things like $oh and $adj1 and blue|green|yellow are typos, not bugs.
  2. An item mentioned not being in the room.
  3. An item not mentioned and integral to functionality being in the room.

When entering in a typo report, please make sure to input where the typo is and what the typo is. A single room can have true objects, fake objects, furniture, plants, NPCs, items, items for sale, emotes, and more.

Typoing a single sentence or word and having it only read "silvery" is not nearly as intuitive as a typo report reading, "room emote; the word silvery should be silver." This turns a simple millisecond change into a serious hunt that can take quite a while; it can be like finding a needle in a haystack.

The more detail you can provide, the more quickly staff can fix the typo and move onto the next.

The typo queue is very large and not as serious as the bug queue, so do not be surprised if it takes a while for staff to get to it.