Brood of Tempest Vulfen

Avg. Height: 6'2"

Avg. Weight: 210 lb

Avg. Lifespan: 85

Physical Characteristics:

Eyes:Bright pink to deep scarlet or blood red.
Fur:Dark with reddish or bluish hues; longer and richer than other Vulfen.
Body Type:
Clothing:Usually none; any clothing worn made from hard materials such as leather or fur.
Notable:Branding, patterned scarring, and body piercings.


Languages: Common, grawlik.

Stat Adjustments:


Special: Racial martial arts.

Penalty to Armor learn rate.

Rage. Hatred. Passion. Violence. Ferocity. These are but a few of the emotions prized among the Brood of Tempest. Never forgetting the indignities done to them during "the Wailing," the Brood are the most war-like and set in their ways of all vulfen, finding the idea of co-existing with other races to be disgusting. Their fur is almost always dark with either reddish or bluish hues and their coats tend to be longer and richer than other vulfen. For this reason, they almost always settle very near to a water source, though they are generally nomadic, staying within the forests whenever possible and relocating to prevent any of the other races from discovering their location. The most common eye colors range from a bright pink to a deep scarlet or blood red.

The Brood believe themselves to have been sent by their moon for a singular purpose; to purify the vulfen race of all those who bring it disgrace and to become the strongest beings in existence.

The Brood of Tempest have a very violent and bloody faith based around the ritual capture, slaughter and sacrifice of the "weaker races," those with slaves most often tapping into their reserves other than capturing new prey. When they have dishonored themselves, often they must partake in brutal rituals of self-mutilation to cleanse their spirits and be accepted back into their packs.

The Alpha is the strongest warrior, without dispute. If another of the Brood can best them in combat, they become the Alpha and the former Alpha submits to them, leaves the pack in shame or performs an honorable act of suicide, which is viewed by the rest of the pack as a Hero's Death.

Non-vulfen interlopers into their territory will be captured and brought before the Alpha. Their word will determine the trespasser's fate. Generally, they are brutally ripped apart and eaten by the pack or, by some packs, enslaved for life (a practice the vulfen learned during the Borrakkha and now feel entitled to vengeance for enduring).

The Brood of Tempest do not like city-life of any kind and openly loathe all that dwell within them, especially the Flesh Pack, whom they deem traitors to all vulfen-kin, but in the modern world quite a few have found that they must sojourn in the despised metropolises of their enemies in order to survive. Many have also learned that their goals of glorifying the vulfen above all races cannot be realized from the depths of the forest, but rather, must be addressed from within the societies of those they hate.

The Brood of Tempest enjoys branding, patterned scarring and most of all, body piercings. It is not uncommon for a Tempest to have one or more silver hoops pierced through each ear, eyebrow, or the muzzle and navel for cosmetic and ritualistic purposes. The Brood almost never wear clothing of any kind and when they do, it is always very hard or thick, natural material such as leather or fur. The Brood are not modest in any way and find their bodies to be things of beauty, to be shown off among their kind with pride. Body art and music played on drums, bones, hand carved flutes and melodic howling are the Brood's only form of culture. Some of their songs have circulated throughout all of the vulfen and are often considered the greatest vulfen-created musical works of all time.

Occasionally, the Brood will stumble upon clans of gharkin and begin warring. They war for no other reason but to war. Ironically, of all the races, they respect the gharkin the most of all, finding them to be strong and worthy adversaries. Typically, a pack of Tempest-kin will best a clan of gharkins if their numbers are equal, due to the almost supernatural synchronicity that Brood packs share and the amazing tactical abilities that come naturally to all vulfen, especially The Brood of Tempest, although the gharkin always do their fair share of damage.

Like all vulfen, those belonging to the Brood of Tempest mate for life, and when their mate is killed, they most often opt to perform ritual suicide to join them. For this reason, many vulfen remain single for quite a long time, ignoring feelings of lust or romance until such time as they are prepared to end their life if need be. As long as they avoid the urge to copulate, they will hold on to their freedom. Should they succumb, however, they will be overwhelmed with intense feelings of love, lust and possessiveness towards their new mate and find life nearly unbearable without them. The Brood of Tempest tends to die younger than any other pack, as they expose themselves to constant danger. This is why they often opt to wait longer than the other vulfen groups to mate, though when they finally do, their howls of passion can be heard for miles. Tempest-kin offspring are also raised by the pack but find quickly that they'll not be pampered and nurtured but disciplined and molded in the traditional ways of their people.

It is also important to know that The Brood of Tempest almost never mates outside of their group. They can, but it is very rare as their views are so full of zealotry and hatred that having a mate who disagrees could prove very distressing, indeed. However, as with all things, there are always exceptions.

These things are a part of all Brood of Tempest's heritage and lifestyle, although not all are so militant about it. There are the occasional Tempest-kin that decide to travel the world and take on roles in societies other than their own, but usually they will still retain a dislike for the other races and shy away from larger cities. Those belonging to the Brood of Tempest make excellent adventurers if they can open their minds enough to step outside their home forest.

While vulfen of the Brood occasionally find their niche in the role of the Ranger, they are even better suited to the task of being a Barbarian or other form of warrior. Some choose the path of the savage Bard, singing bloody and brutal ballads to dark, daun-slaying Brood heroes and playing lilting notes on the bones of their fallen enemies.