House Broc Caillaen Il'lthye

Avg. Height: 6'4"

Avg. Weight: 120 lb

Avg. Lifespan: 300

Physical Characteristics:

Eyes:Milky white, pink, pale yellow.
Hair:Long; cornflower blue, oily blue-gray.
Skin:Greasy white.
Body Type:Tall and lithe.
Clothing:Waistcloths; men go barechested, women wear coarse-woven shirts; barefoot.
Notable:Tattoos demarking life stages, filial affiliations and political groups are common.

Region: Noskalv

Homeland: The Underearth

Stereotype: Lunatics

Languages: Common, elvish, dyari. Broc Caillaen are naturally telepathic with one another.

Stat Adjustments:


Special: Rite of the Mordant Spring (not yet implemented).

Telepathy with other Broc Caillaen.

Bonus to Lore learn rate.

House Broc Caillaen have been tacked with the nickname the Aenaltis, which literally translated from shakai means "one who loses control in the light," or what is known to humans as lunatics, whether it be from their "new" magic or that they come from the Underearth. It is because they lived so long without benefit of sun that they, in fact, look almost like walking grubs themselves. Sporting the coloring of albinos, their eyes are the most unsettling shades of milky colors, tones from white, pink and pale yellow are eerie against their greasy white skin. Further set off by their light cornflower blue to oily blue-gray hair, they are truly magical to look at. Their habit of appearing to speak in sign language leads many to think they are crazy or strange, but this is just physical emphasis to the telepathy that they use to communicate. Perfectly capable of speaking common or dark elven, the members of this house prefer their special brand of speech.

When the dark elves had their Diaspora, which is to say they scattered to the corners of the world, the Broc went north. Lord Zaxleto Caellien, a prominent member of the ruling class of Helasfume began speaking out against the temples and the government. He theorized that religion and faith had no room in modern Kenzian culture. He charged the temples with corruption and stated that they have been working to prevent modern advances in science, health and government.

Caellien attracted many followers and established a guild of forward-thinking theurgists or what we call channelers. The Caellien League was charged with heresy by the dominant temples of Helasfume. Members who escaped death and imprisonment at the hands of the authorities, left the city and traveled underground into Iztavullaxim's Reach.

There, the league established House Broc Caellien, a society dedicated to the preservation of Kenzian mysteries and secrets. The Kessian spelling is Broc Caillaen.

During all this time, they were hard at work under Thrael, chiseling the rough druim'dwer tunnels they had inherited in Noskalv into the flourishing cities of Daes'Gadalva, Khraezak and Aephatrax. (As a side note, their mythology states that many of the underground cities were built without anyone raising a hand, the stone sculpted by the power of the mind.)

Preferring to live far from the light of the sun, they kept their subterranean homes free from any illumination, using their telepathic powers to converse. Left alone by the dwarves, sylvani and half-elven warriors, they indeed escaped the centuries, interbreeding into a caste system that was categorized by the depth under the earth where one lived (the deeper the more elite) and the archon powers that one possessed.

To trace lineage back to Iylria NeDussei, the Mother of the archon movement, gave one a huge standing in the community as well as automatic entrance into the ruling body known as the "Yed'Di'dine." Those who lived closer to the surface, the "Kraeken," could never dream of belonging to the "Yed'di" (as the government and the lower dwellers were called), but they could intermarry with them and by doing so bond their blood with their regal brethren.

Being underground, the Broc began to pale. Their eyes lightened since they didn't need to compensate for sunlight and since it was a dark silent world, they stopped speaking and began to communicate through telepathy.

The broc are a matriarchy. This is strange since they had a founding father. But in the dark places, under Thrael, it is good to feel a mother's love. Lord Zaxleto Caellien lived in 14098, Age of Lords, a period representing the time of dark elfin dominance. *(The number signifying the reverse time contigency from the modern count.)

Because of living under the earth, and their need to speak and control their environment with their minds, they became the great archons.

Besides the teachings of the archon magicks, the Broc Caellien il'lthye of Noskalv gave nothing else back to the land or the people. They are a completely unmaterialistic society, judging others by the size of the mind, not the pocketbook, and abhoring the mercenary customs of the upper-dwellers, call Ph'laeges.