Boggan Gnome

Avg. Height: 3' - 3'6"

Avg. Weight: 60 lb

Avg. Lifespan: 200

Physical Characteristics:

Eyes:Red, blue, green, brown and black.
Hair:Brown to black, occasionally red or green.
Skin:Earth tones, ranging from deep brown to charcoal.
Body Type:Huge facial features with long, wide mouths, huge noses and bulging eyes; large, knobby joints.
Clothing:Functional with little ornamentation; muted colors such as gray, brown and black.

Region: Kuthgard/Laurdia

Languages: Common

Stat Adjustments:


Special: Racial martial arts.

Bonus to Armor, Gnosis, Animal Handling, Larceny and Stealth learn rates.

Boggans are often seen as far removed or lacking when it comes to the fey bloodline. They tend towards more physical pursuits than most of the other gnomes. Boggan special abilities lie in their resistance to illusions and tough skin that makes wounds less severe.

Boggans tend towards functional clothing with little ornamentation. They dress in muted colors, such as gray, brown and black. The clothes tend to be of a rough weave because of the muted sense of touch that the Boggans thick skins give them. Wool, cotton, and cured animal hides are commonly used.

The most comfortable of the gnome races inside of cities, many Boggans reside in the urban slums, where they can easily lose any pursuit. The reputation of Boggans causes many people to persecute them, which in the vicious cycle of things causes them to commit acts in revenge for their persecution that further fuel that reputation.

Consummate scavengers, they make use of a wide variety of items believed to be trash by most races, often using the rags and refuse of most a city's residents and creating useful items. Boggans do the same in any environment they find themselves in, scavenging materials at hand or collected by other creatures to make their goods.

Boggans have a wild side they only show among themselves, revels that involve imbibing large amounts of alcohol and dancing. Humming in deep resonance, Boggans have been known to do this for hours, creating waves of tones that make up their form of music.

The strong musculature and tough skin of Boggans allows them to wear heavier armor then their size would normally indicate, with metal being a favored material. They also enjoy tattoos, with some individuals tattooing nearly their entire body in geometric designs that improve their hiding abilities.

The Boggans affinity with animals lean towards those animals common to cities, including dogs, cats, and vermin. Many Boggan thieves are able to slip by normally attentive watchdogs to filch things from a dwelling without the animal even raising an alarm.

Boggan gnomes spend very little time as family. Most pregnancies are caused by males forcing themselves on the females, with offspring often left to fend for themselves at an extremely young age. Their childhood is often rough, with the poor reputation of Boggans making it even harder to receive handouts, help, or even a fair shake when applying for work. Having generally very little concern with religion, most Boggans only taking the time to curse the gods whenever something they desire slips from their grasp. Boggans find morality to be a crutch of the weak, used to justify their meaningless lives. Only those strong or clever enough to keep things deserve to have them. This lack of moral character makes them excellent thieves, con men, and extortionists. Many make their living as kidnappers, thugs, and hitmen. Rogue and warrior skills are preferred, while magical pursuits are rarely undertaken because of the intense study required.

Boggan gnomes have few legends, with their lifestyle precluding the relating of racial lore. One common legend is that of the stupid Boggan. The stupid Boggan was one that had gathered a large amount of wealth and tried to live among the other members of the city as an equal. While being shunned by the other races for what were believed to be ill gotten gains, the lazy Boggan became a favorite target for plots and schemes from the rest of the Boggans in the city. The lazy Boggan eventually lost everything he had worked so hard to gain, and became a pitiable creature with no means of survival. His inability to use his cleverness for his own gains is seen as a good moral for Boggans to learn from.

The average boggan gnome gets along well with orcs, gharkin, and vulfen. Sylvani are seen as meddlers, often interfering with the plans of many boggan. The destructive tendencies of orcs are similar to those of boggans, and the two races often work together on rampages of burning and other nefarious activities. Druim'dwer are looked upon with indifference, as are Daun. Re'har are looked at suspiciously, the feline ability to sense things while being very hard to read the mood of makes them uneasy companions to many boggan.

Boggans tend to refuse to allow others' laws to be imposed upon them, preferring to keep their own council and be left alone.