Assist & Report

If you need to get hold of staff in game, you can assist or report.


assist messages are sent to all staff who are listed as STAFF ON DUTY in the WHO list. A staff member might be on duty for a stated purpose (for example, "I am available to convert the old metal ingots to the new format"), or simply to show that a staff member is available.

If no staff is listed as being on duty, assist messages will not go through. Please use report if it is an emergency.


If you feel that another player is harassing you, immediately report to alert staff to the situation. You should also log the incident and email A staff member will notify you if a log is unnecessary.

All uses of the report command are logged until the next reboot. If no staff are currently available, they will be able to view your message later.

Other correct usages of report include:

  1. "I have found a bug that allows me to duplicate money."
    • Why: this is serious. Staff need to know about it before anyone else knows about it. Depending on the nature of the bug, posting it may be a bad idea. When the bug is serious, do not just report a problem. When reporting a problem, always file a bug report first so it is entered indelibly into the bugtracking database.
  2. "Look at this cool roleplay that is going on right now!"
    • Why: staff can give RPAs to roleplay, but only if they're watching. This is a good thing to let them know.
  3. "I'm around for my 3pm appointment with <merchant> that we made IC previously!"
    • Why: sometimes staff forget, and sometimes people's logins get missed. This is helpful to them!
  4. "I was told to report to get my fame item!"
    • Why: if you're told to use report, use it!

Improper usages of report include:

  1. "I think there's a typo in this helpfile."
    • Why: use the typo command or post.
  2. "We just had this awesome roleplay! You should give an RPA to <player>!"
  3. "Can DeSharlet do an alteration for me? I'd really love one!"
    • Why: do not use report to ask for alterations. If a merchant's being run, staff will let people know!
  4. "How do I request a fame item?"
    • Why: use the helpfiles or post on the forums.