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AorreThe newest of the gods, Aorre was a facet of Lyra, in fact the part of her that was jealousy, hatred and anger. Breaking from the goddess, Aorre became the Ice Maiden, the White Queen, gathering her devotees from those who felt abandoned and forlorn; the ugly and deformed — the lepers and the goblinkind. Aorre's priest are cruel in their hate and distrust of all others and mostly despise the followers of Lyra, charging the goddesses unkind behavior towards their deity to her supporters.

Left behind upon the tall peak of the snow-swept mountain did the facet of Lyra wait for the maiden to return... but it was not to be. Swept away on a whim of pleasure, Lyra forgot the woman alone on the icy peak and time spun forward. Standing alone, the elements surrounded the Ice Maiden and she became encased in a pillar of ice; trapped within, alone with only her own thoughts did she pass for a time from the memories of the creatures of Thrael.

Within her tomb of ice did she stand consumed with hatred; abandoned and alone, she reached for the one true emotion to sustain her transformation. And waves of coldness did emanate from her frigid column and whisper to the hearts of the betrayed. And with the counting of days, more did harken to her lament and she rewarded them with wave after wave of hatred. And their voices grew from a mere whisper to a chorus, rejoicing in her betrayals. And when the voices grew to a cacophonous discord did the prison shatter to release their Maiden to embrace her new domain.

Cold and beautiful, did she stretch and flex her fledgling powers. Feeding on the perverse hatreds of the weak did she assemble to herself and reign in control of greed, envy, ugliness, goblinkind, hate and anger. And as she fed on the despairs of mortals did her dominion grow to embrace manipulation, politics, vengeance and all things cold and dismal.

Her frigid touch began to be felt and Thrael shivered beneath her gaze. And the Ice Maiden began to thrive and forge alliances to achieve her desires. To Vaen did she plead her case of betrayal and found favor and support; to Taqe did she demonstrate her clever manipulations and won his allegiance. With strongly forged alliances did she turn her icy gaze to her abandoner, the maiden Lyra, and begin her plots of vengeance.

Dwelling alone absorbed in her hatred did she build a hall of ice and adorned it with the frozen forms of those that would defy her will. Collecting relentlessly, her frigid audience grew, fueling her hatred. A brave servant would occasionally make the pilgrimage to behold her and return to bring forth her teachings and begin the collection of writings that is the holy text, "The Mandate of the White Queen."

Still evolving and learning her powers, much of her dogma remains a mystery. But her faithful pray to the face of the pale maiden with frost bitten lips who oft appears amidst a raging blizzard, and they offer their devotion to their mistress. Growing support has begun, the emergence of the Cult of the Ice Maiden, she who has evolved out of relative obscurity, and her numbers grow with the passing of the seasons.

"We do not forget your trespasses. They are frozen into our hearts. And we will destroy you for your insolence and selfish desires. Look upon me, fool, for I am your condemner and judge."

Mandate of the White Queen — Hemred Waleste, Interpretor.


AliasesThe White Queen, The Vengeful Lady, The Ice Maiden
PortfolioEnvy, Jealousy, Dissatisfaction, Covetousness, Greed, Ugliness, Deformities, Distortions, Lepers, Goblinkind, Abusers, Homewreckers, Affairs, Manipulation, Politics, Politicians, Users, Sycophants, Stalkers, Codependents, Codependency, Obsessions, Obsessive Behavior, Hate, Anger, Revenge, Vengeance, Grudges, Winter, Essential Cold, Snowstorms, Blizzards, Ice, Avalanches.
Corporeal DomainsThe Northern Wastes
Central ThemesHate
Physical AvatarColumn of spinning snow and ice
Animal SymbolThe Boar
Color(s)White, green, scarlet
Material AffinityPlatinum
Gem AffinityGlacial Emerald, Rock Crystal
Holy BookThe Mandate of the White Queen
Temple/Shrine StyleUndetermined.
Magic SphereVedic
Primary DominionSoul
Secondary DominionWater
Tertiary DominionWrong (lies)
Conceptual FamilyPresent
Spell User TypePure
Spell StyleStrictly uses vedic effects.
Time of DayMidnight - 2am
Month(s) of the YearMorde
Religious HolidaysMorde 31st, Mid-Winter's Eve
Seasonal Holidays 
AlliesTaqe, Vaen
EnemiesJakob, Lyra, Serene



Lesser Power of Envy, Jealousy, Dissatisfaction, Covetousness, Greed

Xillvim appears as a daun female in her 100's.


Lesser Power of Ugliness, Deformities, Distortions, Lepers, Goblinkind

Lymywyn appears as a horribly deformed female orc in her 90's.


Lesser Power of Winter, Essential Cold, Snowstorms, Blizzards, Ice, Avalanches

Adria'Shuri appears as a female il'lythe in her 140's.


Lesser Power of Manipulation, Politics, Users, Politicians, Sycophants

Kahremshi appears as a haertoe haefdin woman in her 120's.


Lesser Power of Stalkers, Codependents, Codependence, Obsessions, Obsessive Behavior, Homewreckers, Affairs

Marae appears as a female re'hari in her 40's.


Lesser Power of Hate, Anger, Revenge, Vengeance, Grudges

Nor'Jee appears as a female demon in her 500's.